Turtle Watching Tips

Dennis Sammy, of Nature Seekers, offers the following tips when visiting nesting sites or when we come across a nesting turtle:

• When a turtle emerges from the sea, there should be absolute silence and all lights off. • A distance of 15 metres should be kept until the nest is prepared. • Observers should approach quietly and with minimum lights when the laying starts. • Observers should walk closer to the water to reduce sand compaction. • Flash photography should only be used when directed by a guide. • Do not ride turtles. • No poaching of turtle eggs

SOS Tobago (http://www.sos-tobago.org/) also shares some useful information via their web site: • Do not litter. Garbage traps hatchlings and prevent them from entering the ocean. Also turtles can mistake plastic bags for food and will choke on them. • Don't drive on the beaches - vehicles can crush entire clutches of eggs. • Control pets, as they can dig up nests. • Do not touch the hatchlings, let them make their way to the sea themselves

If you come across any hatchling or adult turtle in any difficulty, please alert someone from Nature Seekers (668-7337), SOS Tobago (290 3797) or the Wildlife Division (662-5114). Also, please continue to visit the EMA website (www.ema.co.tt) for updates on our visiting turtles and other wildlife.

courtesy of Trinidad Express from an article called:
EMA committed to protecting sea turtle, local wildlife
Friday, June 12th 2009

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