Trinidad & Tobago Trade Unions

UnionsContact Address
Amalgamated Workers Union (AWU)16 New Street
Port of Spain
627-8993 (Tel1)
627-6601 (Tel2)
623-6717 (Tel3)
All Trinidad Sugar and General Workers Trade Union (ATSGWTU)
email: ATSGWTU
Rienzi Complex
Exchange Village
636-2354 (Tel1)
636-3372 (Tel2)
679-7644 (Tel3)
636-3372 (Fax)
Aviation Communication & Allied Workers Union (ACAWU)Orange Grove Road
640-1808 (Tel1)
640-1808 (Tel2)
640-6141 (Tel3)
640-6518 (Fax)
Bank & General Workers Union27 Borde Street
Port of Spain
627-3931 (Tel)
Banking, Insurance, and General Workers Union (BIGWU)1
email BIGWU
27 Borde Street
Port of Spain
627-0278 (Tel)
627-3931 (Fax)
31 Rosalino Street
623-8641 (Tel)
623-8639 (Fax)
Communication Workers Union (CWU)
email: CWU
146 Henry Street
Port of Spain
623-5588 (Tel1)
623-2848 (Tel2)
625-3308 (Fax)
Contractors & General Workers Trade Union (CGWTU)37 Rushworth Street
San Fernando
657-8072 (Tel)
Customs & Excise Extra Guard (C&EEG)Nicholas Court
Abercromby Street
Port of Spain
625-3311 (Tel)
Estate Police Association (EPA)
Trinidad Office
70-72 Battoo Avenue
481-1572 (Tel)
Tobago Office
corner of Burnett and Hamilton Streets
639-3268 (Tel)
Fire Services Association (FSA)127 Edward Street
Port of Spain
649-3935 (Tel)
National Employees Trade Union (NET)
(Trade Union Registration No. 545)
Magnificent Mall
271 Southern Main Road
Mc Bean, Couva
361-8706 (Tel1)
757-0546 (Tel2)
National Health Workers Union
email: NHWU
#2 Circular Road
Mt. Lambert
270-6463 (Tel1)
268-8272 (Tel2)
National Petroleum Staff Association (NPSA)#2 De Gannes Street
De Gannes Village
649-3935 (Tel)
National Trade Union Centre (NATUC)
email: NATUC
16 new Street
Port of Spain
625-3023 (Tel)
627-7588 (Fax)
National Union of Government & Federated Workers (NUGFW)
email: NUGFW
145-147 Henry Street
Port of Spain
623-4591 (Tel1)
624-6518 (Tel2)
625-7756 (Fax)
National Union of Domestic Workers (NUDE)
email: NUDE
Mount Pleasant Road
667-5247 (Tel)
National Workers Union (NWU)1
email: NWU
43 Fifth Street
223-4697 (Tel)
Oilfields Workers Trade Union (OWTU)
email: OWTU
99A Circular Road
San Fernando
652-2701 (Tel)
652-2702 (Tel2)
652-7170 (Fax)
Port of Spain Office
143 Charlotte Street
Port of Spain
623-6094 (Tel1)
623-3115 (Tel2)
Tobago General Office
Campbell Building
34 Burnette Street
639-5293 (Tel)
Point Fortin Office
Main Road
Point Fortin
648-2459 (Tel)
Fyzabad Office
Charlie King Junction
677-7408 (Tel)
Marabella Office
Southern Main Road
658-6553 (Tel)
Palms Club
25-31 Pointe a Pierre Road
San Fernando
657-0313 (Tel)
Butler Rienzi Labour College
CLR James Educational Centre
97 Circular Road
San Fernando
652-3237 (Tel)
Piarco Taxi Drivers Union For TourismPiarco International Airport
12 Roedler Road
669-0282 (Tel)
Public Services Association (PSA)

email: PSA
89-91 Abercromby Street
Port of Spain
623-5472 (Tel1)
623-7987 (Tel2)
627-2980 (Fax)
Palm Plaza
667-7959 (Tel)
80 Ramsaran Street
672-1352 (Tel)
Seamen & Waterfront Workers Trade Union (SWWTU)1D Wrightson Road
Port of Spain
625-1351 (Tel1)
625-1352 (Tel2)
625-1182 (Fax)
Steel Workers Union of Trinidad & Tobago (SWUTT)
email: SWUTT
115 Southern Main Road
679-4666 (Tel)
679-4175 (Fax)
Tobago General Trade Union18 Bacolet Street
639-1425 (Tel)
Transport & Industrial Workers Union (TIWU)
email: TIWU
114 Eastern Main Road
623-4943 (Tel)
623-2361 (Fax)
Trinidad & Tobago Airline Pilots Association (TTALPA)
email: TTALPA
35A Brunton Road
St James
628-6556 (Tel)
628-2418 (Fax)
Trinidad & Tobago Postal Workers Union (TTPWU)
email: TTPWU
Old Arouca Post Office
Eastern Main Road
Tel 646-4040
Fax : 692-5388
Trinidad & Tobago Unified Teachers Association (TTUTA)
email: TTUTA
Southern Main Road
663-2738 (Tel1)
645-2134 (Tel2)
662-1813 (Fax)
Union of Commercial & Industrial Workers (UCIW)132 Henry Street
Port of Spain
623-8381 (Tel)
114 Eastern Main Road
Port of Spain
626-2285 (Tel)
  • outside of TnT, dial access number 1, plus area code 868
  • 1 - website are on the net, please see the "Organization" section on my TnT Links page.
  • if your group is not listed here  for the Association/Organization page.

  • If you know any trade union that are not listed/changed or no longer exist........
    please email me the trade union information. Thanks for your input!

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