Identitfying Utilities Workers


Members of the public should contact utility companies like TTEC, WASA and TSTT if they are suspicions about the bona fides of workers coming to their premises, the companies have stated.

TTEC PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER STEVE MARTELL: "TTEC workers don't need to enter premises to disconnect. This can be done from a pole if necessary. Our vehicles are clearly marked. While we have contractors, persons who have suspicions about situations should call us."

WASA PRO ELLEN LEWIS : "Our employees must be properly identifiable. Persons can ask to see their company-issued ID. If customers have any concerns of people purporting to be WASA employees they should contact WASA before admitting them onto the premises."

TSTT PRO CAMILLE SALANDY: "People claiming to be fixing your service when nothing is wrong, is cause for alarm. Ask for ID. Call us to confirm if necessary. Be familiar with TSTT's published list of contractors and their contacts. Company vehicles are officially marked."

FLOW, whose personnel have been impersonated by culprits and which sometimes uses contractors - did not respond.

Safety Hints
o Do not allow unscheduled utility workers in, even if they produce ID, especially if your phone/cable/lines are working properly.

o Call the utility to verify any visit. Same applies even for scheduled utility workers. Look for specific IDs, uniforms, vehicles.

o Call TSTT 24-hour HOTLINE to verify workers: 824-TSTT, 662-WASA.

o Do not give telemarketers/"pollsters"/surveyors important information, nor confirm any information they claim to have on you. Ask for their company's number and verify the company.

o Strangers opening a gate/entering premises without your consent, can be considered trespassers liable to legal action.

o Use observation, caution, judgment in dealing with strangers at the door/business place. Be brief.

o Be observant of surroundings where you work/live, any suspicious occurrences, strangers temporarily "working" in the area or moving around it.

o Do not leave laptop computers/valuables in locked cars.

o Businesses/nightspots should engage security where possible.

Courtesy of Trinidad Guardian article: Police promise more foot patrols for Woodbrook (edited)
Gail Alexander, Published: 16 Jun 2009
(Source: Police, utilities.)

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