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Let the music play with variety.....many couples delay on making music decisions until the wedding day is almost upon them and their budget has been used for other elements. However, paying close attention to music selections for your wedding can be critical, since it affects the entire mood and tone of the celebration. Couples may also not realise that just like invitations and favours, music too, can be personalised.

Music tips

Here are some ways to add ambience and your own personal touch, using music:
•Compile a list of songs you like and provide to the DJ as a guide.
•Hire a band, soloist or musician to play a song special to the both of you, perhaps the first song you danced to, the song that was playing when he/she proposed.
•Ask the DJ to compile a medley of songs that tell a story of when you met. This can be a great outlet for some laughs or romance, or both!
•Ensure that the master of ceremonies (MC) makes the announcement before the medley is played, so that guests know the significance of it.
•Have a slide show on a projector, featuring photos of your courtship. Have the slides flow into one another accompanied by recorded music. Ask a talented family member or friend to perform an instrumental or song.
•Have a fanfare played when you walk into your reception hall. You can have live music like tassa drums, a violinist, steelpan or recorded music.
•Have the DJ “dedicate” a song to your partner during the reception.
•If you play a musical instrument or if you can sing, why not serenade your sweetie yourself?
•Salute your heritage! Play a few tunes that are traditional to your ancestry.
•Dance to your parents’ or grandparents’ first dance song.
•Play a few songs that fit in with your wedding’s theme, for example, if you have a tropical theme, you may want to play steelpan and some vintage calypsos.

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By Simone Sant-Ghuran, Newsday News, February 13, 2005

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