I am West Indian
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"De Veranda Lime"

I am West Indian !!!!

If I am going on a trip I pack my grip!!! Not a suitcase .

I don't walk on the sidewalk ... I walk on pavement.

Vim is for cleaning.

Dettol is for everything.

Angostura taste great on everything.

You know that bake is not baked!!

You know that Julie is a mango. Not a girl!!

You know what it is like to be "sent for the belt"!!

I beleive that children need discipline.

I walk with my own pepper sauce!!

"A beer is a carib".... so is : Stag, Banks, Red Stripe, Guiness, Hairoun, Royal Extra but these are also refreshments: ... Ting, Chubby, Mauby, Irish Moss, Sea Moss.

Sorrel is a christmas drink, not eggnog.

I soak my cake in rum!!

Lime is something you do, not something you eat!!

West indian topics of debate are: 1. Rice and peas or.. Peas and rice?? 2. Pelau or cookup rice? 3. Curry chicken or chicken curry?

When I reach home I change into my home clothes!!

I don't need neighbourhood watch, I am a maco!!!

Licks is not a restaurant.

Epson salts is the universal cleaning and healing agent!!

The beaches of the West Indies has magical healing powers.

Eeveryone is your aunt, uncle or cousin!! (courtesy family)!!

Moth balls are everywhere in your house.

You have a freezer in your basement

You wash your white clothes with blue.

The word is not prononunced "Crispy" it's Cripsy.

You do not put "film" in your camera, but flim.

Shadow is is not a ghost .. But a jumbie or duppy might be!!

You eat fries often with a fork, ketchup and mustard.

Despite lack of interest, someone has tried to convince you of the benefits of taking a purge.

No matter how old you are, you call your parents mummy and daddy.

You know the meaning of "dahl", "channa", "anchar", "kurma" and "buss-up-shot".

You've called someone (or been called) chunkalunks, thick ting, 'family'(even if she's not remotely related to you!),doo doo, breds, partner...

You know what a maxi-taxi is?

You love soca (goes without saying).

You can call your fellow country man by an ethnic name fondly and it would be okay. eg: darkie, reds, dougs, chinee-man, yellow, creole, red-man, white-boy.

"You betta study yuh book"

When you get 98 out of 100 on a test.. Yuh parents ask you "what de ass .. happen to the other 2 marks??"

someone in your family is a mechanic.

You don't go to the grocery store you go to the market to make groceries.

You know that bake goes with: bigon, bulljol, smoke herring, salt fish.

Tou wash and re-use plastic and styrofoam cups..to go with the plastic take-out spoons and forks cutlery set in the draw.

It is ping pong... Not table tennis.

Tt is not vegetables it is veg-tables.

Tripe is a delicacy, fish is brain food.

Castor and cod liver oil is good for you.

You have a wall unit in your dining room filled with the "good dishes"!!

You know the difference between wine, whine and wine!!!

You or someone in your family has a cd or mini boxing gloves with your island's flag on it hanging from the rear-view mirror in your car.

I don't photocopy.... I xerox!!

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