Trinidad & Tobago Wrecking Services

CompanyContact Address
Airport Express/Himraj Taxi & Rental Services Ltd2St. Helena Village
Tel: 669-4332
Ajoi Wrecking and TransportFyzabad
Tel1: 307-2367
Tel2: 747-5010
Aleem's Wrecking ServiceRio Claro
Tel1: 306-5252
Tel2: 349-9262
Tel3: 701-4805
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Anand Wrecking Service1Butler Avenue & Guapo Road
Tel: 677-6416
Aranguez Wrecking Services120 Churchill Roosevelt Hwy.
Tel: 674-1032
Tel: 629-28072
Asa Wrecking Services Ltd.157 Kolahal Road
Tel1: 488-6020
Tel2: 321-7459
Ashley's Wrecking ServiceCarnbee
Tel: 639-8359
Autobody Work Ltd.Don Miguel Road Ext.
San Juan
Tel: 675-2534
Boysie's 24hrs Wrecking Service129 Jarvis Street
Tel: 652-4169
Cameron's Auto Repair & Wrecking Service83 St. Vincent Street
Port of Spain
Tel: 623-7281
Carl Suchit Wrecking Service74 Gooding Village
San Fernando
Tel: 681-3274
Chiney Wrecking Services Ltd.1133 Cipero Road, Cross Crossing
San Fernando
Tel: 657-5522
Tel: 657-90552
Chris Auto WreckingTrinidad
Tel1: 718-0268
Cold Breeze Wrecking and Transport55A Pierre Road
Charlieville, Chaguanas
Tel1: 732-7876
Tel2: 350-6195
Tel3: 379-1480
Colin Wrecking ServiceSouth Oropouche
Tel1: 308-6678
Tel2: 290-7324
Tel3: 277-6000
Corvette Auto World Co. Ltd.Solomon Hochoy Hwy
Tel: 657-5522
Tel: 673-2403
Cowboy's Auto Repair Service1Aldana Street
Princes Town
Tel: 655-2572
Cupen's GarageMorne Coco Road
Petit Valley
Tel: 632-8736
David's Wrecking Service
(David Ottley)
Maraj Trace
Upper Santa Cruz
Tel: 751-6625
Davy 24hr Wrecking Service142 Santa Cruz Old Road
San Juan
Tel: 674-8756
D.L 24HR Wrecking ServiceArima
Tel: 329-6828
Drivetime Wrecking ServicesPetit Valley/Diego Martin
Tel1: 740-2464
Tel2: 323-CARS(2277)
Dunmore Enterprises22-26 St. Joseph Road
San Fernando
Tel: 657-5296
50 Lewis Street
San Fernando
Tel: 652-4440
Extreme TowingSan Fernando
Tel1: 235-4EXT(4398)
Tel2: 291-4800
Franz 24hr Wrecking Service1Chaguanas
Tel: 365-3000
Fyzam's Garage & 24 hrs Wrecking Service1cor. Southern Main Road & Knowles Street
Tel: 662-0001
Guytan Wrecker Service20 Bootan Trail
San Juan
Tel: 674-2511
I-Tow Wrecking Service#2 Maple Drive, Todds Road
Tel1: 766-3000
Tel2: 365-3000
Joseph Alexander Auto Repairs & Wrecking Service115 Hutton Road
St. Joseph
Tel: 645-3075
Karamath's Wrecking Service165 Cipero Road
San Fernando
Tel: 652-1637
Kerry's Wrecking Service1,3Sookram Trace
Quarry Village, Siparia
Tel: 649-6573
Fax: 649-2646
Cell: 775-8493
Syne Village
Tel: 649-6573
Fax: 649-2646
Cell: 775-8493
Keshawn's Wrecking ServiceCarlsen Field, Chaguanas
Tel1: 326-8687
Tel2: 797-6485
KP's Wrecking Services3El Dorado
Tel: 766-3513
Lall Benny & Sons*21 Riverside Road
Tel: 663-1126
Marks 24hrs Wrecking Services1,3El Scoroo Road
San Juan
Tel: 760-0075
Marvco27 Peter Field's Main Road
Tel: 665-2778
Mike's Wrecker Service37 Industry Lane
Tel: 624-1522
Mr Wrecker Wrecking ServicesLp # 53 Evelyn Avenue, Tumpuna Road
Tel: 759-7325
Nerhu's Auto & Wrecking Service1 Bregon Park
Tel1: 752-1039
Tel2: 757-9072
Professional Garage Ltd.25 Pashley Street
Tel: 625-7725
Fax: 625-7725
Raffie Wrecking Service156 Cedar Avenue
San Fernando
Tel: 678-8078
Raj Wrecking ServicePort of Spain
Tel: 355-1700
Rama's Auto Parts
(Divison of Japanese Auto Trade Centre)
53 Bamboo Settlement No.2
Tel: 662-0610
Ramo's Auto Garage & Wrecking Service379 Southern Main Rd
Tel: 671-5392
Rip Speed Company LtdUriah Butler Hwy.
Tel: 665-9831
Fax: 665-9872
153 Southern Main Road
Tel: 636-3213
Scappy's Auto Refinishing Wrecking & Mechanical Service3 Sinanan Gardens
Santa Cruz
Tel: 675-4421
Seepersad's Auto & Wrecking Service Ltd.Southern Main Road
Claxton Bay
Tel: 659-3015
Solo's Auto Garage Ltd.1 Mohammed Lane
Tel: 671-4006
Srijay's Eqipment Rental, Transport and Recking Servicescor. #20 Tahadille Road and Pierre Road
Charlieville, Chaguanas
Tel1: 746-9254
Tel2: 323-1719
Steve Maraj Wrecking ServiceArima
Tel: 272-7253
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T & S Auto Body Repairs & Wrecker Service (TAITT)Katwaroo Trail
Tel: 647-8817
WreckTech225 Southern Main Road
Warrenville, Cunupia
Tel: 295 0196
  • 1 - 24hrs service
  • 2 - after hour service telephone number
  • 3 - website are on the net, please see the "Business" section on my TnT Links page.
  • outside of TnT, dial access number 1, plus area coded 868

  • If you know any wrecker service that are not listed/changed or no longer exist........
    please email me the wrecker service information. Thanks for your input!

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